Permit # Parcel Address Permit Type Applicant Name Status Request An Inspection View
21070 1111 MARIN ST Mechanical Chris Heath Finaled  Request An Inspection  View
21069 549 DEL NORTE Solar Taylor OConnor Closed  Request An Inspection  View
21068 1129 4TH AVE Electrical ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21067 2011 Loleta Ave. Demo Espinoza Correa ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21066 1568 LINK ST Mechanical Dianna Hinkle Finaled  Request An Inspection  View
21065 1310 SOUTH ST Building Alberto Oseguera ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21064 250 DIVISADERO HVAC Bickleys Air Conditioning Finaled  Request An Inspection  View
21063 2128 COLUSA ST HVAC Tiffany Daarud approved " FEES DUE "  Request An Inspection  View
21062 1963 ELIZABETH AVE Solar Jose Balderas ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21061 1106 Butte Building A T &T GENERAL DYNAMICS Finaled  Request An Inspection  View
21060 1106 Butte  Request An Inspection  View
21059 393 LA MESA CT Building BENNIE LINDSAY ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21058 2141 COLUSA CIR Solar Ingrid Aguilar ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21057 838 Yolo Street Building Gallaghers Plumbing, Heating & AC Finaled  Request An Inspection  View
21056 Building Gallaghers Plumbing, Heating & AC Duplicate Permit - Cancelled  Request An Inspection  View
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