Permit # Parcel Address Permit Type Applicant Name Status Request An Inspection View
21129 1360 HOUGHTON AVE Mechanical KAITELYNN GOLLON Online Application  Request An Inspection  View
21128 1661 HERBERT AVE Building MARTINDALE CONSTRUCTION & ELECTRIC ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21127 3040 HWY 99W Plumbing KANJIBHAI ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21126 1517 YOLO ST Building FAVIAN LAREDO ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21125 260 MOONEY CT Roof Mike Hampton ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21124 975 HWY 99W  Request An Inspection  View
21123 975 HWY 99W Building JORDAN ARCHITECTS Online Application  Request An Inspection  View
21122 Marguerite Ave. Subdivision HOLD (see note)  Request An Inspection  View
21121 Olive Grove Subdivision HOLD (see note)  Request An Inspection  View
21120 151 MOONEY CT Solar Cameron Petrovich ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21119 620 CHESTNUT ST Mechanical Bickley's Air Conditioning approved " FEES DUE "  Request An Inspection  View
21118 5650 JANINE WAY Mechanical Misha Hethcoat ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21117 909 COLUSA ST Solar Jaci Miller ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21116 1025 FIG ST Mechanical KYLE AU COIN ISSUED  Request An Inspection  View
21115 902 FIFTH ST Building Stephen E Forrest Under Review  Request An Inspection  View
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